In February 1995, 25 elk were transferred from Michigan, and carefully shipped to a release site a few miles South of Clam Lake, Wisconsin. After a 2-week adjustment period in a holding pen, on May 17, 1995 the Elk were released and re-introduced into the Chequamegon National Forest.

Today the Elk Herd has grown to a little under 200 and more and more visitors are coming to the Clam Lake area seeking a glimpse of the Majestic Elk; Massive Bulls, Sweet Cows and Studly Spikes or for the opportunity of hearing the Elks wild bugle. Wisconsin bull elk in the fall echoing throughout the Northwood’s…

If you’re interested in an Elk Viewing opportunity, please contact us. We’d welcome the opportunity to Guiding you getting a glimpse of the wild elk in Clam Lake, Wisconsin.

Elk Info in Clam Lake, Wisconsin

An interactive Touch Screen Elk Information Kiosk has been retrofitted on a sign board located at the junction of State Highways 77 and GG in Clam Lake, Wisconsin. The Kiosk is designed to provide visitors to the area with information about the resident elk herd and their habitat. The program provides information about the Elk history in Wisconsin with a short video clip of the original elk reintroduction. The program contains other tools and information to help visitors get the full experience of surrounding wildlife offering spotting guides, maps and directions to nearby viewing areas.

Clam Lake, WI Bull Elk
Clam Lake, WI Bull Elk